Week 5 Reflection on Post PowerPoint Pedagogy #MOSOMELT

This week we have been exploring some interactive mobile social media tools such as Wireless Screen Mirroring, Evernote, Picasaweb, Twitter, Storify, Flipboard, and Google+. Each has its unique features and strengths. I would imagine that Wireless Screen Mirroring would be helpful in sharing students’ group-work outcomes in class. Picasaweb would be handy in searching images for presentations. Storify and Flipboard would be beneficial to intrigue students’ interests in curating and sharing ideas. Google+ could be used to build a learning group to interact within group members. As for Evernote, I am not sure how to take advantage of it. Maybe just sharing notes with each.

What some other possible mobile social media tools that I can suggest? Wikispace maybe could be one which can help facilitate discussion and cooperative editing. I have used it on computer, but not cellphone. I am not sure how well it works on mobile.

I guess the biggest advantage of using mobile social media is that it is accessible anytime anywhere provided that there is wifi. Moreover, it is interactive and can be concurrent. I certainly believe mobile phones can be embedded into post powerpoint pedagogy era. Still there are a lot of problems: 1. How to ensure everyone has the smart phones; 2. How to ensure everyone is using mobiles for class-related activities; 3. How to develop a good habit of using smart phones; for instance.


2 thoughts on “Week 5 Reflection on Post PowerPoint Pedagogy #MOSOMELT

  1. Some good points here Paul. Re Evernote uses, I started using it mainly as a personal diary/notebook, but now use it as my main presentation tool. It’s also great as a more mobile friendly and quicker version of collaborative Google Docs or a lightweight blogging tool. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt8hOF5_vwU for an example of using Evernote with Carpentry students.

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