Reflection on the 23 things for research course

For your final blog post, we’d like you to reflect on the entire programme and on what you want to do next. What did you enjoy? What do you think you will use in future? What would you like to explore further? What do you think we should be exploring further at CreATE?

I think the 23 things for research course provides us a glance of what current online resources that we as researchers or teachers can take advantage of. The only suggestion I can give is that how to engage the participants more with the tools introduced, maybe not all the tools but at least a couple of, so that the participants may have a fully understanding of the advantage that the particular tools may bring. Or to put it this, the problem for me is that I know most of the tools but I just don’t like us them, or just don’t see the real benefits of using them. If the course could guide us to have a deep experience of one or two tools, it might be more useful for our future use of it.

Though I knew most of the tools, it was good to rediscover them again. As to CreATE, maybe it is a good idea to introduce some tools for transcribing? I have been tortured by clicking mouse now and then while transcribing if you know what I mean. haha



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