My blog stats

According to my post stats, my home page has the most hits over the semester (see the following figure). I think it is because my posts are all fully displayed on my home page. It does not require any further click to view the posts. That’s probably why home page has gained the most views. It seems some posts have relatively high hits as well, as I observed it has to do with the replies. More replies more clicks.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.04.39 am

My blog’s peak readership times happened on the very first two weeks of this 23 research project (see the following figure). It is probably because that participants were relatively free and enthusiastic in the beginning of the semester. An interesting thing is that the number of views and visitors bounced back a bit in the first week of november. I guess it has to do with the topic of the post. It was relatively interesting compared with the other weeks’.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.05.23 am

As to my personal 23 research project activity reports, I found it is quite useful for me as a learner to track back what I have done and what I failed to do, especially the outline report and the complete report. The two reports can show my activities in this course in detail. It is really intimidating after knowing that I am fully exposed to ‘teachers’ in terms of my performance pertaining to this project. I guess I would have had more engagement with the project if knew I was ‘monitored’ all the way. haha

Another thing about these reports is that it shows what kind of learner I am (see the following figure). I am definitely not a person who will finish the assignments in advance. Often I wait until the last minute to do it. Maybe I should change this kind of learning style, so that I won’t feel overwhelmed when the deadlines of the assignment approach.

In brief, these reports could be useful for teachers as well as for students to monitor their course progress.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.39.20 am


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