Wow what a magic!

Ok, this is no kidding. I never thought magic could be delivered in such an illusionary way! This video really inspires and pushes me to think out of box! BUT WAIT, lies are the foundation of our life. Is not it a bit hyperbolic? Should not we say lies are the foundation of magic!

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Content curation? Wait, what on earth is that? Similar content/data arrangement and synthesis? Ok it makes sense now.

Following is my first sort of content curation based on Jason’s Thing 10, which pointed out a simple comment, such as I like your post/blog, actually means nothing. I totally will second this point of view. (Check Jason’s original post out for more info. please click here http://jcui0330.wordpress.com.)

Yea, ‘I like your post’ literally means nothing, coz it is not explicit enough.

When we post something, maybe we should ask ourselves this question first ‘why am I posting’. WHY? http://www.learningmarkets.com/why-most-news-is-meaningless/ Ok, this link may not be relevant, but it sheds certain light on the topic why we should be more explicit and meaningful when posting something.



Reflection on professional social networks

It has been a while since my last post. Today I am gonna reflect on professional social networks that I have been using, namely linkedin and academia.edu. I have long heard these two so called professional social networks and have signed up years ago, but I never really use them. Just like Facebook and other accounts, I feel annoyed to have so many similar social networks to update. Not until recently, linkedin sent me some job info, I became aware of the potential benefits of having linkedin and updated my profile. Now I intermittently log onto linkedin to see the job market out there around the world seeking hope of finding one after my PhD. haha…As to academia.edu, I have not fully explored it yet, maybe I will find it useful as well. We’ll see.



How I manage links!

Am I a sorted out person? In terms of link management, I don’t think I am. However, I do arrange my links. Here are my steps.

1. To create folders according to the place I live, and the subjects I am workings on, such as ‘UoA, Auckland, Chinese Study, Stats, New, etc’.

2. To add links to relevant folders according to their themes.

3. To follow up the links and delete those do not work anymore.

4. To sync my links by using the same account, say apple account.

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A blog to share & Information management

To be honest I don’t have a particular blog that I follow. Maybe I am too lazy to explore bloggers’ world. However, I do have a blog that I wanna share with you guys. That is my Chinese version blog. haha. Here is the link  http://user.qzone.qq.com/381159480.

To get to know Paul Sun is probably the only reason that I can think of why you should follow my Chinese blog. lol

As to information and news management, I don’t really have a fancy way to manage it. Normally I will subscribe to websites that I like for updates or just randomly browse news online. If I come across some useful websites, I will save them for future use.

So bizarre the weather is today!

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